Hair Growing in a Special Design Many people end hair growth with pleasure. The goal of reaching the patients is a natural and lively hair. In order to achieve this goal, custom design is made according to the needs and desires of the person, in accordance with age, hair type, health condition and amount of lost hair.


While hair transplant operation is planned, surgeons should be traced to some controls and procedures in order to determine the specific technique of the person. Specific to the individual It is aimed to determine the best method for obtaining the best results for each patient in the technique of hair transplantation.
Today During the procedure of the hair implant, a file is prepared which contains the photographs of the head region taken from the various angles of the person during the examination, and the medical history information that the person should be known. The photographs include detailed images of regions of hair loss and baldness and of the donor area where healthy hair follicles are to be taken.


Computer Assisted Hair Analysis: During hair transplantation operation, analysis process must be done during examination. With these operations, the calculation of hair loss rate, hair density, hair loss rate, telogen, catagen and anagen (growing hair loss rate) is provided.


Hair transplantation is an important operation that requires knowledge and experience that is very difficult to reverse and recover. The most important factor determining the success and naturalness of hair transplantation is Front Hair Line Design.
The frontal line and density of the hair should be designed in a shape appropriate for your face. It is only possible with aesthetic knowledge that this line can be determined correctly. This must be done under the supervision of aesthetic surgeons who are experts in the field of Front Hair Lines Design.


With the advancement of technology, hair incision surgeries have become feasible for both women and men. The quality of the chosen hair removal center is one of the issues to be considered before deciding on hair removal surgery.


Suggestions Before Hair Transplantation, Hair transplant surgery is a surgical procedure that helps to correct hair and hair loss. If you fully obey your doctor's instructions before and after, you can get through this process without any problems.


Hair loss treatment is a very difficult process for people. Hair loss is the most common skin health problem. To begin treatment, the cause of hair loss must first be identified. At the beginning of hair growth, hair should be diluted or it should be determined definitively whether it is baldness. Hair loss is most visible during washing and screening.


Graft Computation; One of the terms that comes out everywhere in front of people who want to have hair transplantation is graft. Estimation of hair grafting is an important factor in correcting hair grafting. Hair plantation pricing is also determined by the number of grafts.


The most important feature of DHI Hair Straightening (Direct Hair Implant) technique is that it does not require stitches, scars and incisions. The goal of this technique is to ensure that grafts taken for planting from the back of the head are less healthy and stronger by reducing the time spent outside.
FUE Technique for Hair Transplantation It is the process of transferring one by one to the areas which are rare from the areas where the hair follicles of the patient are concentrated. The tissue is removed with a precision tool and inserted into the receiving area. In this case, the donor area becomes indistinguishable within a few days.


A technique that uses cells in their own body tissues to obtain a fuller, more dense appearance with stem cell hair growth and to stimulate natural hair growth with minimal side effects.


Long hair FUE or unshaved FUE are among the techniques commonly used for several years in hair fixation operations. It is a complicated process that requires experience, knowledge and skill to enable your hair planters to choose the healthiest hair follicles and to get it right.
FUE and long hair planting techniques give the patient the opportunity to regain healthy hair with minimally invasive procedures that do not want hair to be shaved. As with all other hair transplant techniques, there may be some redness after the procedure, with the FUE technique and the long hair implant technique providing convenience to the patient in concealing these rashes. In addition, there are very few traces of the long hair FUE technique that indicates that the patient has had hair transplants.
The average number of grafts per session is around 500 to 1000 on a long hair or shaved FUE operation, and the length of the procedure is much longer because long hair implantation requires much more care and labor.


Many people who want to have hair transplantation give up the operation when they learn that the hair should be shaved. It is quite common for people who do not want to be seen with a shaved head in hair transplantation operations.
Various methods have been tried in plastic surgery to remove this shaving problem that occurred during hair transplantation. The disease is also a comfortable process during hair transplantation. In other words, it is very important for the patient and the surgeon not only to create a natural appearance but also to return to their work and social life as soon as possible.


They are materials taken from the bloodstream to be used to repair, repair and strengthen hair. After 10-20 ml of blood is drawn from the patient, red blood cells are separated from the blood by special centrifugation and microfiltration methods to obtain rich plasma materials such as platelets and white blood cells.
Platelets secrete a number of tissue repair agents that actively interact with a damaged tissue. Thus, rich materials help prevent hair loss, and the process of healing after hair transplantation is also very short.


Percutaneous hair transplantation is a special technique applied in very few places in the world. The feature is natural-looking.
In areas where hair roots to be taken from the back of the head will be added, holes are opened with fine-tipped special blades. The characteristics of these holes are not flat but rounded. Thin holes are made by giving special openings for each hair, so the holes in the thickness of the hair are designed to penetrate the hair exactly. Because the root structure of every hair is different.


The golden tip (Golden Ended Hair), which is used in many different areas such as scars, acne, cracks and pore tightening, is now also used in hair transplantation.
Micro FUE technique. In the process of hair follicle processing, the tissue reaction between the two ears where the hair is taken (behind the head) or where the hair is planted is applied in cases such as reaction, scarring, possible infection or late recovery.


If your beard and your stomach are sparse or fewer, you will have a treatment with Beard, mustache eyebrow transplant. This is now possible with hair transplantation. It is possible to achieve a more aesthetic appearance by transplantation with FUE technique to the areas with regional dilutions, cuticle or scarring.


If your beard and your stomach are sparse or fewer, you will have a treatment with Beard, mustache eyebrow transplant. This is now possible with hair transplantation. It is possible to achieve a more aesthetic appearance by transplantation with FUE technique to the areas with regional dilutions, cuticle or scarring.
International Hair Surgery Association (ISHRS) according to the statistics, especially the hair by increasing the public's knowledge of transplantation in Turkey and its neighbors beard and observed an increase in the demand largely mustache transplant. Member of treatment to remove the new hairs in the region Hairless are not yet available. For this reason, the best method is the transfer process. It is possible to achieve a more aesthetic appearance through the transfer made by the FUE and FUT techniques to the areas with regional dilutions, cuticle or scarring.


Hair mesotherapy is an alternative treatment that helps stop hair loss in men and women, increases hair growth and prevents male type baldness. It is a process that allows the protein, vitamins and other nutrients in the hair of the patient to be laid flat.


There are many medicines used in the medical treatment of male type of hair. Finasteride is the first drug approved by the United States Department of Health (FDA) in the treatment of baldness.
Male pattern baldness is the most common cause of hair loss in men. A fourth of the males are genetically casting their hair before reaching the age of 21. Almost 80% of the hair is completely lost during the later ages.
In males type males, a typical "M" spill appears in the temples and hill region. There is hair loss due to genetic reasons including front, top and side. The spill on these parts of the head skin causes testosterone effects on the male hormone. Male type hair loss is associated with testosterone levels in men. But the only reason for hair loss is not high testosterone ratio. Especially in men's hair follicles there is another enzyme called 5 alpha. This enzyme causes the testosterone to become more active. When the testosterone becomes more active, it causes the hair loss rate to increase.


Minoxidil has been developed as an oral blood pressure medication. Minoxidil has potentially serious side effects on the oral heart and circulatory system and is used only when other blood pressure medications fail. It has been observed that the use of minoxidil directly in the skin of a bald head may lead to an increase in this area as well. After simple investigations, it showed that the results were indeed so.
There is a misunderstanding that studies on minoxidil are only effective on this area because it is made only in the crown area. Although generally more effective in the crown area, it is also effective, although at the same time hair reduction is less in other areas, such as the forehead skin. When the area is completely bald, it will not work. The drug effect is shown as a gradual decrease between 5 months and 2 years. If the use of long-term minoxidil is slightly slower, hair loss will continue.


Hair Treatment with Dutasteride; In 2002, dutasteride was approved by the FDA in the treatment of prostate growth in men (medical symptomatic benign prostatic hyperplasia or BPH). Dutasteride is not approved for male type hair loss treatment.
Finasteride gibi,bunda da DHT’nin ( dihidrotestosteron ) testosterona dönüştürülmesinden sorumlu olan enzim 5 alfa-redüktaz inhibitörüdür.
However, unlike finasteride, only the enzyme inhibits both type I and type II forms of the enzyme Type II, in this case 5 enzymes of alpha-reductase. This dual effect is stronger, but at the same time increases the frequency of side effects.
Enzyme Type II form is predominant in the hair follicle. In the scalp, type I form of enzyme was found in the head and sebaceous glands, but the exact role of the role of hair growth was not found.


Viviscal has three different varieties: Extra Strength, Professional and Man. Three different plant extracts, vitamins and minerals are mixed in varying amounts to form the aminomar complex.
The new variety also includes Viviscal Extra Strength, AminoMar 450 mg to enhance biotin and niacin metabolism of B vitamins. Vitamin C is added to help the collagen production of the hair building stones.

One of the varieties of Viviscal, "Professional" contains large scale AminoMar (475 mg) and contains C vitamins and biotin for "extra strength". Calcium, apple juice extract, procyanidin B - 2, L - Cysteine and L - Methionine were added to Viviscal Professional. Iron, zinc, lemon grass and millet seed were included in the list.


Bimatoprost is the first FDA-approved (December 2008) local drug used for eyelash growth. Lashes are used to make long thick and dark. When applied once a day, it was effective over 75% of users. Bimatoprost effect lasts about 16 weeks. The medication can only be used via a doctor's prescription. When the lower eyelashes are opened and closed, the upper eyelashes are placed on the pill. After the results are visible, the cost and side effects of the drug are increased, it is possible to reduce the application day by day.


The solution, called IceGraft Hair Transplant, is applied not only in hair transplant but also in many different fields of medicine. This solution contains a mixture of cells and tissue to prevent loss.
In the IceGraft technique, hair grafts taken from the back of your head are taken, and these grafts are held in a refreshing and strengthening IceGraft solution. It is then subjected to cooling. This method is a technique applied before hair transplantation and aiming for more efficient results.